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Welcome to Secret University— home of developer education on Secret Network. Learn to build private dApps, discover how you can contribute to the university, and begin your developer journey on Secret.

Welcome to Secret University
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Educating developers

Secret University is actively committed to supporting development on Secret Network by providing developers with education, bounties, and opportunities—all in the name of building a better, more private, and more secure internet.


Find your path

Secret University provides online courses that we call pathways. Pathways can walk you through the steps of building and integrating privacy into your dApps using Secret Network.

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Open a Box

Secret Boxes can help you get building quicker and learn rapidly. Secret Boxes are self-contained development instances complete with Secret Network integrations.

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Browse our library

Secret University is collecting the many learning materials, both new and old, that aid development and activity on the Secret Network. Find the resources you need to integrate privacy into your next dentralized application.

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Who we are



Members of Secret University are committed to the ethos of Secret Network. We advocate for privacy by building private and secure applications. From private DeFi, to NFTs and gaming, we believe privacy is essential to the future of blockchain. That's why we build on Secret.



To build privacy-focused applications, developers on Secret Network have to succeed where others have failed. Members of Secret University are passionate about the future of the web. We explore new ideas and look for ways to improve user experience. Where web2 failed, we will succeed.



As a community, our goal is to expand privacy awareness and create robust privacy solutions for web3. To do so, members of Secret University are encouraged and incentivised to share their work with the community. Together, by expanding our collective knowledge, we can iterate faster and build for the future.

Want to join the university?

Join our growing community of builders and help us build better products and tools for a more private internet.

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